Web Development

Turning your well-designed, user-friendly interface into efficient, fast loading code is essential for your website to be successful. I use industry standard best practices to make sure your website works everywhere and for everyone. From front-end template code to back-end CMS integration, every step is carried out with the same attention to detail.

Responsive web design

I use responsive web design techniques to make sure your website looks great and works efficiently on all devices. Using a mobile first approach I make sure your sites is optimised for mobile phones and expand from there so it adapts and grows to whatever size screen it is viewed on

Accessible and inclusive

I use recognised web standards so that your website is accessible for all users. Progressive enhancement means that your website will work on out of date older browsers but still take advantage of the latest cutting edge features on the newest browsers as well. Coding your website this way means that it is future proof and will work on any new browsers or devices yet to be released.


Fast websites are more successful. Nobody likes waiting seconds (or miliseconds) for a website to load. Lean, efficient code is the way to achieve this and the way I build all my websites.

Search engine friendly

All of the methods and techniques I have spoken about above are essential for creating a useful, engaging, user-friendly website. Which is why I build this way. They also happen to be the main technical aspects that Google, and other search engines, take into consideration when ranking your site. Mobile friendliness, accessibility and speed are important factors for getting a high page ranking. Getting this foundation right means you only have to think about creating the killer content.

Web development could include:

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