CMS (Content Management System)

If you need to add to or edit the content of your site regularly you will need a CMS. This is a piece of software which allows you to change text and images, add new pages and much more without having to write any code. I can build you an incredibly easy to use CMS that will make looking after your site a joy.

Do you need a CMS?

Not every business needs a CMS diven website and there is a cost attached to having one installed. I’ll talk though your business goals with you and give you pragmatic advice on whether I think you need a CMS or not. If we decide that you do, I’ll recommend the best option for you and if not I’ll recommend a static website that will be simpler and cheaper to build.

Which CMS is the right CMS?

There are hundreds of CMS systems available, ranging in price from free to £100K+ for some enterprise level ones. The two that I use regularly and which I believe work for 99% of websites are Perch, a lightweight CMS that works really well for small websites or Craft which is flexible, powerful, user friendly, and well supported. I also have a lot of experience with ExpressionEngine.

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