SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO is a very misunderstood term, it is simply a range of techniques and tactics used to increase visits to your website by making it place higher in search engine rankings. There are many factors that influence search ranking, I can help you to make sense of them and build you a website that is search engine friendly and performs well in search results.

On site SEO

The number one factor for search engine ranking is having useful, relevant content on your site. That means creating content that will be useful to the people you want to attract. The copy of your website should contain the words and phrases that your potential customers might search for but should also be useful and interesting for them when they arrive.

This copy needs to be in a code format that the search engines can access and undestand. I’ll build your website using web standards that are recommended by Google. When built correctly your search engine friendly website will have the added benefit of being user-friendly, accessible, fast and future proof.

Off site SEO

The other important search ranking technique is off-site SEO. This is the value that search engines place on the links to your site. This could be from other websites, social media or elsewhere. Otherwise known as link building it is really just online PR and marketing. Websites with more high quality incoming links to them are generally considered more useful and therefore ranked more highly.

What kind of SEO do you need?

If you have a niche or localised business then a well built website with good quality content is usually enough to get a good page ranking. For instance a search like 'Sports massage in Stratford-on-Avon' only puts you in competition with a handful of suppliers. Whereas a search for 'Car insurance' puts you in competition with national companies with huge marketing budgets. Most SEO needs fall somewhere between those two extremes. I can help you with all your on-site SEO and build a site that will perform well in search rankings. However if you are in a particularly competitive market you may need off-site SEO as well. If so it is something that you will need a specialist SEO company for. I can put you in touch with a trusted partner and work in conjunction with them to increase the traffic to your site.

SEO could include:

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