Creating a successful visual identity for your business is more than just a logo. I’ll work with you to build a clear brand for your business. One that will be instantly recognisable across all the many marketing channels available today and will help you to gain and retain customers.

Logo design

A good logo should be a clear, memorable mark that reflects the personality and values of your business. It should be adaptable enough to work across all media from digital to print and work in harmony with your whole visual identity. I can provide you with great logo design providing a foundation for the other aspects of your branding.

Visual identity

Visual identity is everything that contributes to how your brand is seen. It includes but is not limited to: colour pallete, font choice and typography, design of your website, social media profile, photography and illustration, and the design and quality of your printed material. I’ll work with to make sure all of these aspects work in harmony and reflect the essence of your business.

Digital and Print Assets

Once a visual identity is established I’ll provide you with the assets and tools to maintain that identity in everything you do including logos in multiple formats, high and low res imagery, printed materials and anything else you may need. If required I can also provide brand guidelines so that you and your staff have clear instructions for how and where to use the assets in order to maintain a consistent identity.

Branding could include:

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