Hi. I’m Tim Print

Before the web I trained and worked as a technical illustrator using pencils, Rotring pens and airbrushes. After teaching myself Photoshop (version 2, pre layers!) I spent a few years working as a retoucher for clients including Jaguar Cars and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

In 2004 I began to experiment with websites and found my ability to problem solve, design training and eye for detail had found a new home.

It is a fast moving industry with new technology evolving all the time. I stay up to date by continuous learning, and by attending meet-ups and conferences.

I enjoy guiding local companies, large and small, through their first steps on the web and helping them to create successful online businesses.

I also sub-contract as a front-end developer with internal teams and agencies. I specialise in modern HTML/CSS templating for integration in large websites and web applications.

When I am not working I try to get away from screens as much as possible. I am usually either working in the garden, walking the dog or on the road with Stratford Cycling Club.

I set up Shooma and began working for myself full time in 2009.

Find out a bit more about me at timprint.co.uk