Designing and building a website requires many different skills but I believe clear communication is one of the keys to success. I have the expertise in web design and you have the expertise in your industry. We need to combine the two to get the best results. You will always get great design, lean code and a friendly, professional dialogue between us.

Every job is different but this overview will give you an idea of how I like to work on a typical web project.

1 Initial contact.

If you've had a look around here and like what you've seen, get in touch via the contact form, or phone 1789 294343. We can have a chat about your project and start to get a feel for whether we're a good fit for each other. We may talk about very rough budgets and timelines here.

2 Project brief.

A project brief/technical spec may sound like a lot of work but really it is just a list of aims for the finished website and what features it will have. It helps to get this stuff down in black and white early on. I like to do this stage in person so we can get to know each other but it is possible over the phone or via email. I will calculate an accurate cost based on the spec and give you a formal quote. If everyone is happy I'll send you a simple contract with an invoice for a small deposit and schedule the project in.

3 Research and planning.

The research process really started with the project brief but we will need to expand on that. What works for this type of site? What doesn't? Who are your audience? How will they use the site? How will they find it? What image does it need to portray? Who will update the site? How often? Once I have gathered all this information I will create a sitemap or wireframe plan detailing exactly what will be included in each area of the final website.

4 Design.

I will create an overall design style for your site and examples of individual page designs. These could be static photoshop mock-ups or full working prototypes in HTML depending on the individual project. These visuals may go through several rounds of revisions until everyone is happy.

5 Development.

I will code your site using modern, standards based HTML, CSS and Javascript. The Content Management System if required will be set up to allow you to control your content. You will be able to access the site on a secure development server via password at this stage.

6 Training and deployment.

I will teach you and your staff how to maintain and populate the site with content. Once everyone is happy that the site is working and all the content is correct it will be moved to the live server and made public.

7 Maintenance.

You will have access to analytical statistics for all your visitors and will be able to track the success of your site. Many of my clients return for additional features or refinements to be added at a later date based on feedback and observation. Businesses change and the internet changes, and your website will probably need to evolve with them. I will be there to help and advise you with that at every step.